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Watch as Trisha McIntosh Covers Oyster Crush on ADTV

This ADTV segment is just that as she introduces the Cape Henry Rotary Club during their 39th Annual Oyster Crush hosted by one of the local favorites, Ballyhoos Restaurant. The Cape Henry Rotary Club created this annual oyster crush to raise money for multiple charities. Every year the proceeds from ticket sales and donations are disbursed to approximately 28 or so Charities. Local residents look forward to this fun yet significant charity fundraiser every year as well as people traveling hours just to attend. 

Annually, this event brings in approximately 800 to 1,000 people. This was originally named as an oyster roast however one of the original Rotary Members thought it would be a great idea to fuse the names, Oyster Roast and Orange Crush. There were so many wonderful individuals to talk with and introduce their charity. Luckily, The American Dream TV and Trisha McIntosh could briefly catch up with Cindy Stover, President of Cape Henry Rotary Club Foundation, John Skirven, Co-Chair and Todd Walker, Executive Director of the Judeo-Christian Outreach Center. There are some wonderful programs and so much goodness coming from the Judeo-Christian Outreach Center, like providing homes for homeless veterans (two words that should never be put together), feeding the hungry and homeless individuals every day of the year. Thanks so much for all of the Sponsors, Businesses and everyone that has donated and care. Donations are always accepted and we still need community to come together for those truly in need.

How You Can Help the 40th Annual Oyster Crush

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Shannon Bowman